Proposed Projects

Please check here for the latest information on proposed improvements to our water utility!

Long – Range Plan

North Garland County Regional Water District provides potable water to approximately 2,900 residential and light commercial customers.  The District has one water treatment facility located on Lake Ouachita that has a capacity of 2 million gallons per day (mgd).  The current water production averages approximately 800,000 gallons per day.  The District has a contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to obtain water from Lake Ouachita.  The current contract allows the District to obtain up to 1 mgd from Lake Ouachita.  The District has obtained an oral commitment from the Corps of Engineers to amend the existing contract to allow the District to draw up to 4 mgd.  A study is currently underway by the Corps of Engineers to proceed with this commitment.

The District can double the plant capacity to 4 mgd by adding another clarifier and two additional filters.  Construction of a new clarifier and clearwell was completed in 2011.  Design for the additional filters and for a larger transmission line will be scheduled for a later date.  No other facilities will have to be upgraded to produce 4 mgd.

Funds are being set aside monthly for the purchase of land to construct an office building and shop.  The District leases the current facilities and the lease will be expiring November 2016. 

Completed Projects

The District has in recent years installed emergency generators at the water intake pumping station, the water treatment plant and the main pumping station.  All other pumping stations also have generators installed to serve as back –up power generators.  The District has also constructed a new chlorine treatment facility and a building to house fluoride.

The District constructed a 2M gallon storage tank and installed new service pumps with variable speed drives.  The project was funded with a 1.5M loan from Rural Development.  The project was completed on April 18, 2007.

Brookhill Pump Station – February 2016 a pump station was constructed to increase pressure for customers in the Brookhill area and for the future development in that area.  This will assure adequate pressure for the higher elevations.